Are Habitat for Humanity homes given to the new homeowner?

No, Habitat is a hand-up program, designed to assist the family in becoming a homeowner. Thus the partner family purchases the home through a multi-year mortgage which is paid each month by the homeowner. However, because the home is constructed through volunteer labor and sold with a zero-interest mortgage, the total cost to the homeowner is reduced substantially.

What does a Habitat home cost in Nodaway County?

The cost of each home varies on the construction cost of the home itself and the overall value of the property. However, the seven homes previously constructed have an average monthly house payment of around $250.00. Additionally, as with any other homeowner, the annual costs of homeowners insurance and taxes are also included (escrowed) so that the homeowner is not required to come up with those funds at the end of the year. With taxes and insurance, the total monthly payment is around $375.00.

What are the components in a Habitat home in Nodaway County?

The homes are designed based on the size of the family. However, they are generally about 1200 square feet homes, built either on a concrete slab or crawlspace, depending on the layout of the building lot. All Habitat homes are at least three (3) bedrooms and include all new appliances. Carports or garages are NOT included in the construction of a Habitat home.

Can I have a job and qualify for a Habitat home?

Because Habitat homes are purchased by the partner family through a monthly mortgage payment, it is expected that that they will have employment or other regular, identifiable income. Habitat is designed to assist potential homeowners who make too much to qualify for government financial benefits and whose income is not sufficient to qualify for a conventional home loan through a bank or other institution. With the 2012 home, a family of four could qualify with a monthly income of just over $31,000.

Am I allowed to personalize¬Ě my home or have input on the house plan?

Although the needs of the partner family, as well as the lot location and layout are considered in the house design, the design is determined by the Habitat Board. Habitat owns the home and makes all decisions until the house is constructed and sold to the partner family. The partner family is allowed to make certain choices regarding colors, flooring and shingles. The family is also allowed a financial allowance to personalize the home (ceiling fans, etc.).

How do I apply to be a Habitat homeowner?

Habitat for Humanity of Nodaway County receives applications from potential partner families as the selection process begins. Watch this website and local media for more information, but generally information meetings are held in late April or May. Applicants must attend an information meeting where the Habitat process is explained and applications are provided. See The Process for more information.