Habitat Homeownership

Habitat homeowners are the lifeblood and purpose for which Habitat of Humanity of Nodaway County exists. Our mission is to assist our partner families in a transition from their current living conditions into a new Habitat home. In doing so we fulfill our mission that all persons should have the opportunity to live in safe, decent, affordable housing of their own. Habitat partner families purchase their home through a zero-interest mortgage and the purchase price is reduced because the partner family and other volunteers provide the construction labor for the home.

These two components save the family more than $100,000 during the life of the mortgage. The end result is that the family owns their own home – a home that is energy efficient, safe, decent and designed to meet the needs of the family.

The Process

Please watch the calendar to monitor the deadlines and meetings regarding the selection process. However, the general timeline is roughly 18 months as follows…

The Process


Applications are generally accepted in April/May before the construction process begins in the fall. As the Habitat Board commences the home construction process, the first step is to identify the new Habitat family – the ones who will help construct the new home and purchase it from Habitat through a zero-interest mortgage.

Application Process


Habitat for Humanity is a “hand-up” not a “hand-out” program. The selected partner family is required to partner with Habitat in constructing their home and then purchases the home through a monthly, zero-interest mortgage. The Habitat partner family must have employment or other regular income to meet the financial requirements of purchasing the Habitat home.


Frequently Asked Questions

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